Monday, 4 August 2008

You just can't win

Hi from Clare, Sunday 3/8

After leaving Castellorizo (and the Kekova area) we made our way back to Bodrum moving further away from the equator. We were glad to get away from the 35 degrees very hot and sweaty conditions. I remember when typing my last email I was constantly mopping my face so the perspiration wouldn't drop on the keyboard. Well we certainly fixed that situation, we are now anchored at the Greek island of Astipalaia sheltering from 25 knot winds -"you just can't win"

Over the past week or so we have been talking to many of the EMYR rally participants, it seems we are all suffering from the same complaint "what to do next?". With the rally first up in the season we have peaked too early and we are now laying around at anchor trying to convince ourselves we need a rest. I think the truth is, we realise there is nothing for the remainder of this season that will compare to the rally experience. With this in mind it's a bit hard to get motivated and move on.

So we decided to go west and "move on" straight into the Meltemi north west wind, this was guaranteed to get us motivated.

Yesterday we sailed 50 miles from Bodrum to Astipalaia and got a pasting. For seven hours we headed 50 degrees apparent wind angle (into the wind) to the north end of the island. The sea had a two metre swell with wind up to 35 knots and gathering, so we decided (after seven hours)to head for the south end of the island. Andrew, harnessed on, did some fancy ballet on the foredeck getting the mainsail down while I offered some unwanted advice from the cockpit, confident in the knowledge that no one would hear over the howling wind. We then ran with the wind and rolled for the next three hours down the coast. The first cup of coffee I made Andrew slid across the cockpit floor slapped up against the seat emptying the contents (oops, I forgot the rubber mat!).

We are now anchored in seven metres of water with 60 metres of 10ml chain and and 20 metres of nylon snubber. We are
comfortable enough but the wind is howling so much that various things are vibrating, both on deck and below. We spent the entire morning cleaning up a salt water leak which appears only after heavy seas but we can't find where it's getting in.
The upside of this is we get to clean out all our hidy holes, it's like Christmas. One thing I do know now is, I don't need to stash away anymore food!

So now we wait until the wind drops and then decide where to go next!

Today (24 degrees) we got to put some clothes on, good news - they still fit.

love CANDY

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