Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Eye Candy is sparkling

Hi from Clare, Phots 1, 2, 3 - Sparkling Clean
Photo 4, 5 - In the sling and removing the rudder
Photo 6 - Dinner and Drinks
Photo 7 - Snug between two large boats. The work is over and Eye Candy is sparkling. Andrew and Peter from White Rose pulled the rudder out and replaced the top and bottom bearings. Quite a job as the bottom bearing was stiff and needed to be belted out with a sledge hammer. With the work complete, we scrubbed all the grime off us and went out for a farewell dinner with Peter and Bridget from White Rose. It felt strange to be dressed in decent clothes and wearing shoes. I guess we better get used to it! For the winter months Eye Candy has been placed between two large power boats, giving us a good deal of protection from the wind. We are very happy about, couldn't ask for anything better. Last night we traveled to Istanbul on the overnight bus. We are staying at the Side Hotel tonight in Sultanahmet close to The Blue Mosque. We are both very tired but we managed to visit the underground Roman Water Cistern built 530AD, what an engineering feat. We will have an early night and then fly out tomorrow at 12.30pm. Looking forward to catching up with family and friends. love CANDY