Monday, 1 July 2013

No22 End of Season at Deltaville

Hi from Clare,                                                    Sunday 30th June 2013

We are anchored in a lovely bay outside the Chesapeake Boat Works in Deltaville were we will haul the boat tomorrow. We fly home on Thursday 4th July for approximately three months. We are hoping to see some of the Independence Day fire works from the air.

Our 90 mile trip south from Annapolis to Deltaville was broken up with a two day stop over at Solomon Island where we caught up with Kiwi friends Brenda and David on 'Bandit'. More eating, drinking and good company - it's a tough life.

Andrew, Clare and David

But it is not all fun and we have spent the last week in hot and humid conditions doing all the usual annual maintenance jobs in preparing for leaving the boat. We have also organised canvas and cushion people to do some work on 'Eye Candy' in our absence. I will send photos when we return.

The Chesapeake is tucked away from most hurricanes and the Chesapeake Boat Works is well protected by trees. The locals say that strong wind is not a problem here so 'Eye Candy' should be safe.

So we are enjoying our last weekend of freedom on the water. Yesterday we took the dinghy up a nearby river. There are many lovely homes on small waterfront acreages. The tree lined river was flat calm; the sun was shining, the fish jumping, and birds cheeping. Each property had a jetty with a small boat and an outdoor eating area facing the water. We couldn't help but comment once again how lucky the Americans are to have access to such peaceful and picture perfect waterfront locations. The locals waved as we passed by, they looked happy and relaxed and in this setting and why wouldn't they be?

More work for both of us but we don't mind. We consider ourselves blessed to have completed a fabulous season and have the health to plan another one.

We are looking forward to coming home and seeing you all.

We are ready for home
Love Candy xx

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