Sunday, 10 August 2008


Hi from Clare, Saturday 9/8

Photo 1 - Love that storm jib
Photo 2 - Andrew on top of the world
Photo 3 - Ancient city theatre
Photo 4 - Clare in "Bus stop blue" blouse

We arrived in Milos Thursday afternoon after covering 56 miles in 9 hours, that's an average of 6 knots which is pretty fast for Eye Candy. In the last three days of exhilarating sailing we have weathered 3 gales (wind over 33 knots) at sea and one at anchor. Once again our storm jib did a wonderful job of keeping the boat steady and made if possible to prepare lunch under rather lumpy conditions.

We spent time yesterday checking out the town, shopping and doing boat chores. Today we went sight seeing to the highest point of the island. We had a fantastic 360 degree view of Milos and nearby islands. We also visited the ancient city and Christian catacombs. I wore my new blue blouse and white shorts which was probably a mistake as I blended in perfectly with the Greek blue and white everything i.e. churches, shops, houses and even the bus stop. Andrew has now christened my blouse "bus stop blue"- so that's the last straw, the cheeky fellow!, tomorrow I'm wearing pink and staying away from the bougainvillea.

We will be in Milos for a few weeks as Kathryn, our friend who looked after us so well when in Egypt, is coming to stay for a week starting 14/8. There is plenty to see and do here and also excellent access to other Greek islands.

Will write again soon, the bar is open and it's time for a sun downer.
love CANDY