Thursday, 14 August 2008

More Milos

Hi from Clare, Wednesday 13/8

Photo 1 - A great snorkeling spot
Photo 2 - A peaceful sunset
Photo 3 - A very colourful cliff face.

Our anchorage in the harbour at Milos has become all too comfortable. Shops at the doorstep, fresh bread every morning, plenty of ice for our drinks and terrific company from our American neighbours anchored next to us. We have spent many happy hours with them swapping stories.

Yesterday we decided it was time to do something different so for the past two days Andrew and I have circumnavigated the island of Milos. The sailing was good with a maximum speed of 8.5 knots on a beam reach. We stopped at many beaches and snorkeling spots, swimming through caves and enjoying the clear water and sunshine. The temperature is around 25 degrees which is very pleasant.

We are now back in the harbour in preparation for Kathryn arriving tomorrow evening for a week. We are looking forward to her company, we will have a great time together starting with celebrating Andrew's 56th birthday on Friday.

love CANDY