Wednesday, 8 April 2015

4/2015 Las Perlas

Hi from Clare,                                                                           Tuesday 7th April 2015

Thankfully Andrew has been back on Eye Candy for one week now. The good news is that his mother's health is improving daily. Probably a slow road to full recovery but her spirit is strong.

We eventually left Panama City on Sunday after a few more trips into the bustling city for boat parts and last minute provisions. Our desire to leave Panama City and return to our sailing life was so strong, we decided that what we didn't have, we would do without.

"Walking Street", Panama City
We are now anchored off the Island of Contadora in the Las Perlas Islands, some thirty miles from Panama. It is terrific to be back on the water enjoying wonderful sunsets, snorkelling, exploring the island and meeting up with cruising friends.
Andrew is just about over his jet lag and we are enjoying reconnecting with the cruising community via the various radio nets. We talk to the friends we transited the Canal with in early April as they are now down in the Galapagos. We will have to wait for the next weather window before setting off on this 1000 mile leg. At present there is absolutely no wind for at least the next week. However we are not complaining as conditions are perfect where we are with sunny days and warm nights. The sea temperature has improved and is currently 26 degrees.

Beaches on Contadora Is.

We will slowly make our way down the Las Perlas islands and enjoy life before setting off to Galapagos.
love Candy xx

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