Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Time to leave

Hi from Clare Tuesday 5/8

The wind has dropped, the sun is out, the birds are cheeping, so it's time to leave. We will head out first thing in the morning to the island of Ios on our way to the Peloponnisos south of mainland Greece. The Peloponnisos area is very beautiful, we have passed through it a few times en route to other destinations, this time we will stop and enjoy.

Andrew, in an attempt to find the elusive salt water leak, ended up pulling out the gas locker and re sealed it. We don't know if this will fix the problem but he has previously re sealed every other fitting at the back of the boat - so fingers crossed.

We have spent the last two days catching up on emails and odd jobs. There is always plenty to do on board, the definition of cruising is "doing maintenance on your boat in exotic places" that would be funny if it wasn't so true.

We are both well and happy
love CANDY

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