Friday, 25 December 2015

13/2015 A longer stay in Australia

Hi from Clare,                                                          25th December, 2015

Firstly we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, happy, healthy and safe 2016.

Merry Chtristmas

We have received many emails from cruising friends asking “where are you?” as our newsletters have stopped for a while. We came home to Australia in August for the birth of my grandson Nathaniel. He is a beautiful child with big blue eyes and a full head of brown hair. He is a very placid and smiley baby. Both Mum and Bub are doing well and Granny and Andrew are having heaps of fun.

We think he's cute

Whilst at home Andrew and I had all our usual medical checks and my breast screening came back positive. Since then I have had a mastectomy and am now undergoing 15 weeks of chemotherapy, followed by 5 weeks of Radiotherapy. All this should be done and dusted by by late May and so all going well we are planning our escape back to the boat sometime in June. I have also many concerned emails of support for the chemo treatment and so far I have had two treatments with no nausea or vomiting and minimal side effects, except I am loosing my hair at an alarming rate. Looks like a wig purchase is coming up sooner than I thought. I have been walking and swimming now that it is summer.

Andrew is planning a trip back to Eye Candy late in January for a few weeks to check on his baby and catch up with cruising friends who are also keeping their boats in the Marquesan Islands away from the usual cyclone tracks. I will be well and truly ready to return to our lifestyle of Freedom and Adventure sometime in June. So never fear there is plenty of life in the old girl yet. This interruption in our life is just a Tropical Depression not a full blown Cyclone.

Keep safe and have a sundowner for us.

Love Candy xx