Friday, 21 June 2013

No 21 Annapolis and the Kids Holiday

Hi from Clare,                                        Thursday 20th June 2013

The four kids (young adults) arrived last Friday around midnight after driving to Annapolis from New York. Tired and all as they were we still managed a few drinks and a chat before turning in.

Saturday morning the adventure began and we took the boat into Annapolis harbour so the kids to go to the Naval Academy and have lunch at Pusser's bar a popular waterfront attraction. It is situated on Ego Alley named such due to the number of power boats (with bow babes) cruising the narrow waterway in full view of the crowd.

Heading into Annapolis (Mim's our bow babe)

We spent the afternoon strolling around beautiful Annapolis city in sparkling weather. By late afternoon the harbour was awash with boats and very choppy so we headed a few miles north to the less frequented and calm waters of Weems Creek. Here we found Carol and Peter on their Aussie yacht 'Jack Tar' and after rafting up along side the six of us clamoured aboard 'Jack Tar' with drinks and nibblies in hand to share a sundowner.

Around Annapolis City

The following day we went up a few bays to the very popular Cantlers Crab Restaurant for Father's Day lunch. The only bookings are for parties of ten or more and so we just rocked up and hoped for the best. We managed to get a spot on the Restaurant's wharf for 'Eye Candy' but there was an hour and half wait for a lunch table and who knows how long for lunch. Our time was limited so we ended up getting take away (unfortunately the take away menu does not include crab) so we ate in the cockpit. By mid afternoon we had to return to Annapolis so Matt and Mim could drive back to New York in readiness for work on Monday morning.

Lunch out at Cantlers
On Monday morning we (Sarah, Brad, Andrew and I) motor sailed twenty seven miles to the township of St Michael's which was settled in the early 1600s and still has some of the original buildings along the waterfront. It is a very peaceful anchorage and a pleasant town to visit. The rain came down and we spent most of the afternoon ducking between showers. We ate ice creams and the mosquitos ate Sarah.

St Michaels town and anchorage
We returned to Annapolis the following day in the pouring rain. Andrew was the only one on deck (no point in us all getting wet). Sarah, Brad and I lounged on the couch and read. We did manage to hand up food and hot drinks to the Skipper who was thoroughly wet through by the end of day.

Sarah and Brad headed out to Washington by bus the following morning. It was still very wet underfoot but thankfully the rain stopped long enough to board the bus without another bucketing.

So as you can see the holiday was all too short, but nevertheless it was still terrific to be surrounded by family. We certainly noticed the quiet when everyone left.

Last night we had dinner with American friends Prue and Burt on 'Exeburant'. Prue had a leg of lamb that she said was too big for the two of them. We of course were happy to help out; it was delicious. It was also great to catch up as we haven't seen Prue and Burt since December 2012.

We are having an easy day today as Andrew has pulled a muscle in his back. He isn't feeling himself, or any body else for that matter.

Tomorrow we will start making our way back to Deltaville to pack the boat up and head home in early July. We are looking forward to seeing family and friends.

Love Candy xx

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Friday, 14 June 2013

No 20/13 OCC Rally and Annapolis

Hi from Clare,                                                          Wednesday 12th June 2013

We have had a very busy two weeks since our last newsletter. In fact I was stunned to realise that so much time has elapsed.

After leaving Portsmouth we called into York Town Virginia which dates back to the 1600's and has many original and well maintained buildings. We explored the town with fellow Aussies Carol and Peter on 'Jack Tar' and Harry on 'Malua' and of course enjoyed a few farewell drinks in the local bar before departing the following morning and going our separate ways.


York Town and Andrew, Harry, Peter and Carol waiting patiently for a drink. 

Whilst in Virginia, we called in to see John and Jeannie whom we met in the Bahamas last year. Having sold their boat they are now land dwellers totally occupied with projects at home. We moored 'Eye Candy' on their wharf and spent a very pleasant evening catching up. We ate outside in a glorious setting and enjoyed mud crabs caught on their wharf. How fortunate to be able to walk to the bottom of the garden and pull up dinner.

John also very kindly drove us to Tiffany Yachts (twenty minutes by car but three hours by boat) to discuss some interior work for 'Eye Candy'. We are interested in new cushions for the saloon area and bedding. We are also considering some new canvas outside.

We joined the OCC (Ocean Cruising Club) four day Rally travelling from Solomons to Annapolis. The forecast was for heavy rain but I'm pleased to report that on this occasion the incorrect forecast worked in our favour. We had a few showers during the Rally but nothing to dampen the spirits of the cruisers involved.

The first night was a welcome dinner hosted by an OCC member who lives in a condominium complex. We had access to their very stylish meeting room giving us the chance to relax in air conditioned comfort and meet new friends. The second night was a boat raft up in a secluded bay for cocktails and nibblies. The third night was a BBQ at a member's waterfront holiday home. As you can see by the photos we had a sing along; not quite sure how I got dragged into that one. Then at sunset we enjoyed the Scottish pipes played by Martin on 'Caduceus' and accompanied by the howling of the host's dog.


OCC Rally and new friends

We are now in Annapolis preparing to come home early July. We have been anchored in Salt Works Creek outside the home of Mike and Marguerite on 'Ithaca' whom we cruised with in the Mediterranean. We arrived here last Wednesday and enjoyed a wonderful dinner on their veranda over looking the water.

Mike and Marguerite were off to a reunion for four days but gave us access to their home and car in their absence. I greatly appreciated the use of the laundry in preparation for closing the boat down for the season. We also appreciated the use of the car for shopping and boat business. Andrew has organised a rig inspection for tomorrow and possibly some welding. He also wants to replace the bearing in the steering and of course there is always the obligatory trip to the West Marine store.

I have been using the time to remove everything from the lockers, sort, clean and pack up. It has been a busy week but we are now in good shape. This morning we moved our boat onto Mike and Marguerite's dock at the bottom of their garden. They are coming to 'Eye Candy' for dinner which will be terrific as we really haven't spent much time together. They are a perfect example of retiring from the cruising only to become frantically busy back on land.

Once again we have been struck by the overwhelming hospitality of the American people. We have been made feel very welcome and their generosity of spirit has been greatly appreciated. I don't know about "God Bless America" but we have often thought "God Bless its people".

Marguerite and Mike and Eye Candy on their wharf

On Friday Andrew's son Matthew and wife Mim, and his daughter Sarah and partner Brad are coming are visiting us for a few days. Matt and Mim will return to New York late Sunday in time for work on Monday but Sarah and Brad will stay until Wednesday before continuing their holiday in Washington DC. We are now ready, having spent a few days rearrange things on the boat to accommodate four extra adults; it's all the stuff collected along the way that is the problem.

We are both looking forward to their visit and let's hope the weather co operates with a week of sparkling skies.

Love Candy xx

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