Monday, 21 July 2008

High on a Hill

Hi from Clare, Monday 21/7

Photo 1 - Andrew high on a hill
Photo 2 - overlooking main harbour Castellorizo
Photo 3 - Clare, a bit sweaty
Photo 4 - At the waterfront

We spent a day in Kas Turkey provisioning the boat and enjoying some peaceful time in the pretty bay (without wasps). As we were here two years ago no further touring of Kas was necessary, so we left Saturday morning for the Greek island of Castellorizo. The trip didn't take long as the distance is only three miles.

We anchored in a small bay next to the main harbour and stayed for two days. One of the challenges on the island is to climb the 400 steps to the top of the hill. We did this before the heat of the day and were rewarded which a terrific panoramic view of the island and surrounding waterways. On the way down we meet a Sydney guy running up the stairs for exercise (makes us feel old). He was Syrian born and his eyes fairly lit up when he discovered we had recently visited Syria and toured all the historic sites.

We spent some time in the township of Castellorizo having lunch and people watching at one of the many waterfront restaurants. We then bought up big on kalamata olives, Greek yogurt and tinned ham/pork products which we can't buy in Moslem countries like Turkey. Bacon bacon and tomatoes for breakfast will be a treat.

We returned to the Turkish coast late yesterday and we are now anchored off the township of Kalkan. We will go into town shortly to visit an internet cafe and have a look around.

We are both well and enjoying every day.

love CANDY