Thursday, 7 August 2008

Love that storm jib

Hi from Clare,

We arrived at the Greek Island of Ios around 5.30pm after 10 hours of sailing between 2-8 knots plus bursts of motoring for lack of wind. We sailed with a full jib and main sail, partly furled jib with 1 or 2 reefs in the main and on two occasions we used our new storm jib. We sailed to the anchorage with the storm jib up and then put out two anchors to keep Eye Candy safe in the 35 knot winds.

When we returned to the Med this season with our new bright orange storm jib, I truly hoped we would never have to use it. Today we tried it out in very gusty conditions and it was perfect. It settled the boat down immediately and we made better speed (7.7 knots) without heeling over as much. Not afraid of it anymore - love that storm jib, Broadie.

Tomorrow we hope to go the Milos weather permitting. It will probably be easier at sea than in this anchorage. I think we will sleep in the aft cabin tonight as the bow is bobbing around a treat - life is certainly an adventure at the moment. We are well and happy and having a wonderful time.

love CANDY

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