Monday, 14 July 2008

Great Little Spot

Hi from Clare Sunday 13th July

Photo 1 - Our gorgeous well protected bay Photo 2 - The three entangled gullets - the power boat is behind the brown gullet

Friday morning we left our large bay and came around to a much smaller one on the outside of Kekova Island. The bay has a small opening from the sea, but once inside it dog legs to the left giving wonderful protection from the ocean swell. We anchored here a few years ago with Colin and Denise in 2006, nothing has changed it is a truly a gorgeous spot.

On Friday there were two boats here enjoying the sunshine, peace and quite. However the peace was interrupted when a couple in a hire boat arrived and tried to anchor. They reversed the boat in but took too long getting a line ashore. The boat, ably assisted by a panicking skipper, ended up bow first to the shore and drifting sideways to the rocks.

Andrew to the rescue boarded their boat and took over the helm. It turned out that the couple rarely go boating. They were very grateful for the help and I must say Andrew, as usual was so diplomatic, he's great!

The daily temperature is around 32 degrees with a steady cool breeze blowing down the gully into the bay. The water is a crystal clear 28 degrees with perfect visibility. Our morning exercise is swimming back and forth across the bay ten times; only getting out when our finger tips start to shrivel up. Another part of my daily routine will have to include rowing practice because mostly I row around in circles. Perhaps if I could stop laughing that would help!

Late Saturday a few Gullets arrived, some intended staying the night others were day trippers. All was well until one of the day trippers left at full speed pulling up the anchors of two other Gullets. At this time the steady breeze coming down the gully had turned into a serious blow. We had already dropped our tarp (sun cover) put away all loose objects in the cockpit and were ready to get out of here if necessary.

Fortunately for us the pantomime of "The Three Entangled Gullets" was played out far enough away to watch with interest, not fear. This I'm sure couldn't be said for the people on a small motor boat pinned against the shore and watching the gullets drift towards them. How quickly things can go wrong!

Thinking about how quickly things can go wrong, this is not the first time something like this has happened when I'm pouring us a beer. Maybe we should give up drinking? - No don't be ridiculous!!

Tonight we are having dinner with friends Peter and Bridget, an English couple we met on the rally. Looking forward to having a good chat and a few drinks - dare I say that?

love CANDY

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