Friday, 18 July 2008

Total Peace

Hi from Clare, Thursday 17/7

Since I last wrote, we have shifted the boat a few times to either go shopping or to achieve the best protection from the wind. For the past three days we have been in Woodhouse bay which we affectionately call "gunshot bay". When last here two years ago there was an incident between two gullets playing very loud music at midnight. We thought it was a bit much and I'm sure so did everyone else in the bay. It all came to an abrupt end when the skipper of a third gullet fired three gunshots in the air and the music stopped immediately. I'm pleased to report that this year Woodhouse bay is very peaceful. We wonder if the gullets (which usually carry a dozen or more guests) have been asked to keep the noise down, because so far this season they are noticeably quieter.

We have been sharing the bay with some friends Bridget and Peter from the rally. Most days we have got together for a chat over coffee or drinks at night. It is great to have some company and it is also OK being alone. This morning they left early and we had the bay to ourselves. It was so quiet and still, we listened to the birds and soaked up the sun in total peace.

There is a fresh water spring that runs into the bay and provides freezing cold water to the top six inches of the otherwise 28 degree sea water. It is very refreshing and we have really enjoyed our time here. I go swimming after breakfast to get some exercise and then onto rowing lessons. I think I am improving (I've stop laughing - mostly) but one thing's for sure, the Olympic Rowing Team is not under threat!

We have fallen into a routine of doing chores in the mornings before it gets too hot and then relaxing in the afternoon. Yesterday morning I did some cooking and this morning I did two weeks washing which consisted of four pieces of clothing. That's one of the good thing about cruising, we live in our swimmers. It is now 4pm and Andrew is lying in the cockpit reading "A world of my Own" which is the account by Robin Knox-Johnston about his solo around the world trip in the late sixties. Not the sort of terrifying book one should read while doing any long sea legs. But compared to the equipment and comforts he didn't have, Eye Candy should be considered a luxury vessel.

When at home last I made net screens for the hatches and companionway. Good thing I did, they have proved invaluable not only for keeping mosquitos out but also wasps. They come round early morning and at dusk. It is almost impossible to eat meals in the cockpit because the smell of food attracts them in droves.

Early tomorrow morning we will go to the town of Kas to shop at the fresh market. I love the fresh markets the food quality is fantastic.

After that I guess we will find another quiet bay and chill!

love CANDY

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