Friday, 4 July 2008

We have arrived

Hi from Clare,

Photo 1 - Sunset underway Photo 2 - The journey is over Photo 3 - Having fun? - nobody we know Photo 4 - A gorgeous bay for us to enjoy

We completed the 350 miles to the Turkish coast around midday yesterday. We hoisted the spinnaker and traveled along the coast for 15 miles to a lovely bay for the evening. The sailing was good, our first swim in 28 degree water was even better. Yesterday was 36 degrees and windy but fortunately the mountains provided shade for the bay around 5pm. It is now 8am the following morning and Andrew is in the water, I will join him shortly, what a life!

After breakfast we will head for Kemmer and stock up on fruit and vege at the fantastic open market. I can almost smell the freshly roasted peanuts from here.

All is well and we are happy! love CANDY

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