Friday, 2 May 2008

Rub a Dub Dub

Hi from Clare,
I have spent the last two days on my knees scrubbing and cleaning the deck and polishing the stainless steel. Six months of neglect on the hard was topped off by a splattering of rust. Someone close by must have been grinding a steel boat and poor old Eye Candy was covered with freckles. However not any more, she is now squeaky clean and lacking sparkle but that will be rectified today by applying a liberal coat of polish - then she will look gorgeous!

Andrew has completed fitting our new chart plotter to the pod in the cockpit. He has done a fabulous job working with minimum tools. He has also been busy at the top of the mast fitting a new radar reflector, masthead light and putting the wind vane back up. Today he is pumping up some additional fenders and stitching the luff tape to the bolt rope on the spinnaker in an attempt to improve the furling process.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with two English couples. They are heaps of fun and it should be a good night. I better get the polishing finished as there is a good chance tomorrow will be a less vigorous day.

My sister Pat and her husband Ron will be joining us on the 6th and coming on the EMYR with us. They are flying to Istanbul as I type. Soon the work will be over and the fun will begin - bring it on!

love CANDY