Saturday, 31 May 2008

Second day Tour in Syria

Hi from Clare, Photo 1 Damascus Photo 2 The Great Mosque Photo 3 Lunch at Oriental Restaurant Photo 4 The Expert Salesman

Well after a good night's sleep and a luxurious bath this morning (just because we could) we set off for another day of touring.

Damascus is a thriving city which is packed tight with multi storey accommodation. The housing is very drab as the buildings are mostly constructed with cement blocks. There is no paint or colour to be seen, no house gardens or lawns. Most buildings are covered with black pollution stains and have washing hanging out the windows. The traffic is horrendous and you risk being killed crossing the road. There are no pedestrian crossing and limited traffic lights. It's a matter of holding up your hand and running like mad, praying you will reach the other side.

Our first stop was the National Museum where we saw artefact's dating back to 3000BC, including the first alphabet. Then on to the Mosque of the Umayyads (the Great Mosque) which contains the relic of the head of John the Baptist. We then had a buffet lunch at the Omayyad Palace Restaurant. The restaurant had beautiful oriental gift ware stacked on every spare surface of the place.

We then had some spare time so down to the bazaar. Pat and I bought a a few dresses for very reasonable prices. Ron was quite amused by the showmanship of the salesman and decided he deserved the sale. He even suggested he should come to Australia and sell cars but I think he is too busy in Damascus to make the move!

Although we enjoyed Damascus we were glad to get out of there; reminded once again how good we have it in Australia! We arrived back at the boat around 8pm and enjoyed a G&T and beer in the peace and quiet.

love CANDY

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