Saturday, 10 May 2008

Sun, sea and sailing

Hi from Clare, Yesterday we set off on our first day of the rally. We left at 4am to travel 74 miles from Gocek to Kekova. The sea was fairly lumpy and the breeze was all over the place. We started off motoring due to lack of wind and before the day was out we were doing 8.7 knots with the wind behind us.

My sister Pat, who has a very heavy cold, spent most of the day in bed or on the couch. She didn't eat all day in fear of throwing up. Ron managed to stay on deck but he threw up twice. It was a baptism of fire and we were all glad to arrive at our destination around 4pm.

We were due out at 7pm for a cocktail gathering in the local village. Andrew and I went but Pat and Ron opted to stay on board and watch a video. I sensed they didn't think much of sailing but after watching Touching the Void (an horrific true account of a mountaineering accident in the Andes)they decided never to complain about sea sickness again. I must remember this therapy for next time!

Today is a magnificent day. We started out this morning doing a tour in a glass bottom boat of the sunken city of Kekova. Then we did a short but steep walk up to the Castle on the island of Simena. After we set out on our next journey an 18 mile trip from Kekova to Finike.

The sailing today is very pleasant. We have a gentle breeze, spinnaker up and clocking around 5.5 knots (perfect conditions). In comparison to yesterday Pat is up and about and has just cooked dinner for tonight whilst we are sailing. She is now sitting out the back enjoying the sunshine. Today Ron has helped hoist sails with Andrew giving me the opportunity to catch up on some emails. He is now lying on the cabin top soaking up the sun. Looks like our visitors have turned the corner and I no longer fear a walk out!

When we arrive in Finike, we are going to a Turkish bath. This is a fabulous thing to do and what would a trip to Turkey be without a Turkish bath?

love CANDY

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