Wednesday, 30 April 2008

We are back in the water

The weather got better on launching day after raining the 3 previous days. It is still a bit cool though at night. It is SOOO good to be back in the water. Everything is going according to plan. AIS and G upgrade to the autopilot were a snack to install. The new plotter has been connected and works –yippee. The Aust govt even gave me back $659 and no customs at Istanbul. I think they look at the colour of your eyes. I have yet to finally fit the plotter but it is all cut out ready to go.

Only drama here is that the 330T travel lift broke down 4 days ago. And they did not tell anybody for 2 days. We use the two 30T lifts but all the big boats and ALL of the catamarans are stuck on land until it is repaired. Our friends Peter and Penny on INFORAPENNY and Keith and Jean on La Liberte are stuck. Said to take a week at first but now 9 days and nothing is happening on the lift. I can't think of anything that would take 9 days. You could fly to the USA and bring a part back in that time or replace the whole engine, or ropes. It is not over yet. A very sad thing for several boats due to be in the EMYR with us at Gocek by 6th April. As I said it is SOOO GOOD to be in the water.

The joint at the back of the keel was expertly filled with sikaflex AND it did not open up when they lifted the boat. So I am very pleased.

I put up the new storm jib yesterday and it looks great. Everybody in the marina liked the bright orange colour. Tell Broadie it fits perfectly. It misses the Radar and the mast as per requirements.

Back to the cleaning and polishing and making ready for sea.

Bye for now

Andrew and the mighty Clare

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