Thursday, 8 May 2008

Away we go

Hi from Clare
After ten working days to prepare the boat, we left Marmaris Marina on Sunday to have two free days before picking up my sister Pat and husband Ron and joining the EMYR rally at Gocek.

Our first night out was peace and tranquility on the water in Wall Bay. The second night however was upset by Fritz the German and friend in a rental yacht. Fritz dropped the anchor, his friend took too long to launch the dinghy then discovered he only had one oar (a boat with one oar goes around in circles) by the time his friend got a line to shore Fritz had drifted down onto our boat with a loud smack. Andrew wasn't impressed and swore at the guy. The situation was ridiculous really, we were the only two boats in the bay and there we were fending off. We discovered in the morning that Fritz had also managed to drop his anchor over our anchor line. A good effort all round!

We arrived in Gocek and Pat and Ron turned up on queue. We have spent the last two days settling in and getting familiar with the rally procedures. The participating boats have been given identity numbers and purchased a set of code flags. Tonight we attended a cocktail evening put on by the EMYR committee. People are very friendly and we also caught up with some sailing friends from previous years.

Tomorrow morning around 4am we take off for Kekova which is a 68 mile trip. The weather is warm in the day but still cool at night. The water temp is around 18 degrees. Andrew and Pat have heavy colds, Ron has just gotten over one and so far I have escaped catching a cold from them.

The attached photos are of our anchorage at Wall Bay, Rally boats "dressed" with their code flags and the cocktail party at Gocek Marina.

love CANDY