Thursday, 25 June 2015

9/2015 More Nuku Hiva

Hi from Clare,     No 9,            More Nuku Hiva, Marquesas     Monday 22nd June 2015
It has been a week of saying goodbye to old friends as they travel west to Tahiti and beyond. Some of these friends we will never see again, all we can do is treasure the memory of our times together.
We have decided not to travel west to the Tuamotu Islands in the coming weeks as the trip back to the Marquesas would be 500 miles to windward. Recently we have learnt that the trade winds are strongest in July and August and so the trip back would be very difficult. We also received confirmation that our long term Visas for French Polynesia will be arriving in Huka Hiva this Wednesday. It is worth staying around to physically receive these to avoid any complications when flying from Australia back to Tahiti. The island’s cargo ship carrying diesel, petrol and cooking gas arrived this week after supply was delayed in Tahiti due to a strike. The locals and the cruisers descended upon the fuel wharf and the island was out of gas again in one and a half days. We are well stocked on Eye Candy.
We seem to have done a lot of waiting this week but we have managed to fill in time. We sailed around to Daniels bay on the south west corner and anchored for a couple of days. We went on a beautiful walk from our bay across to the next bay. You can see by the photos the vegetation is very tropical and the surrounding mountains make for a very dramatic back drop. We crossed a little knee deep creek and walked across a small farm with coconut trees, banana palms and many fruit trees. We stopped and chatted to the owners who were very welcoming. When we asked if we could walk around their property and go down to the waterfront they said “Of Course”. The island people certainly have a very relaxed attitude. I think the term “trespasses prosecuted” has never entered their minds.
Daniels Bay
We left Daniels bay yesterday and sailed around to Controllers Bay on the south east corner of Nuku Hiva. We came here to say good bye to Geoff and Alison on “Saraoni” who are heading out for Tahiti. We had drinks and dinner on Eye Candy last night and spent a very enjoyable evening together. Today it is raining yet again. The deck is sparkling clean and the water maker is having a rest. We just leave the cap off the water tank at the rear of the boat and the rain water runs down the deck and straight in the tank; it’s great to have unlimited water supply, the Water Nazi has retired. The downside to all this rain however is mosquitoes. Both Andrew and I, although we use plenty of mosquito repellent, have numerous itchy bites and are presently reluctant to go for another walk in this tropical paradise.

Once we have our Visas in hand we will sail to another island in the Marquesas. Of course we will have to wait for the right weather window – so just waiting, waiting.

love Candy xx