Monday, 1 June 2015


Hi from Clare, Sunday 31st May 2015

We arrived at the island of Nuka Hiva in the Marquesas Wednesday evening after 3000 nautical miles and 18 days, 15 hours at sea averaging 6.8 knots for the trip. We experienced both champagne sailing with a 15 knot wind on a flat sea and also some very uncomfortable sailing with confused seas and rolling waves. All to be expected I guess considering that 3000 nautical miles is the longest distant between two land masses anywhere in the world. Thankfully we didn't have any breakdowns with either the equipment or crew and so all in all the trip was pretty good.

Since arriving we have been busy catching up with boat chores. Surprisingly, although we started out with a spotless boat, by the end of the trip poor Eye Candy was coated with slime, weed and goose neck barnacles. Andrew got to early the next morning with his scouring pad and scraper before the whole lot dried hard making the job twice as difficult. I had a month's washing and housework to catch up with and of course re-provisioning was high on the agenda. This in itself is not easy as the fresh fruit and vege market and the fishermen selling their night's catch start around 6.30am. The local community are up bright and early and so we have to do the same or miss out. The supermarket sells freshly baked baguettes and good French cheese along with New Zealand lamb cheaper than I can buy it in Australia (8 lamb cutlets for $8.30).

There is a basic kitchen with an outdoor eating area near the dinghy dock which all the cruisers patronise because it has free Wifi. However the girls running the kitchen make the most wonderful banana cream pies and chocolate flans and mini quiches for $2 which are absolutely delicious and impossible to pass up as the aroma, whilst tapping away on the computer, is just too tempting. The lunches look great too but we haven't indulged as yet.
I love the atmosphere of this place its very vibrant and yet quite basic; I will take some photos to share with you.

We have also caught up with our English friends Di and Alan on 'Moonfleet' and Aussie friends Jill and David on 'Sweet Chariot' and spent Thursday and Friday night socialising and exchanging stories. Di and Alan had a broken inner fore-stay and Jill and David lost their rudder. They sailed 2000 miles with a drogue towed behind for steering and still managed 130 mile days. It's rather reassuring to know that even with these complications both boats made really good time for the crossing. Of course the problem now is that the Marquesas has no real infrastructure for boat repairs. Only temporary repairs can be carried out before reaching Tahiti some 1000 miles away.

Tomorrow we hope to complete our checking in process. I have charged the camera batteries today to take plenty of pics for you; so until next time.

Love Candy xx

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