Wednesday, 1 July 2015

10/2015 Tahuata Island

Hi from Clare, 10 Tahuata Island Tuesday 30th June 2015

We left the island of Huku Hiva last Wednesday within an hour of picking up our Long Term Visa for French Polynesia. Its not that we were sick of Huku Hiva, but we were anxious to see more of the Marquesas.

We sailed eighty miles overnight to the island of Tahuata. The trip was to windward and we averaged 6 knots arriving in time for breakfast the next morning. Since we dropped the anchor we haven't moved, mainly because we are perfectly happy here. The water is a sparkling aqua, warm and flat calm. The nearby beach is reportedly one of the best in the Marquesas with lovely white sand and coconut palms. We have been snorkeling most days, the tropical fish are lovely and being in the Pacific now, some new varieties of fish.

We have now relaxed enough to enjoy the slow pace. However having said that Andrew spent all morning scrubbing the bottom of the boat and cleaning marine growth (brown spots) off the waterline. I amused myself with housework, baking bread and making a quiche for dinner. So this afternoon is rest and relaxation and maybe a walk on the beach.

The island of Tahuata is lightly populated and with little infrastructure. There doesn't appear to be a road leading down to this beach. There are two make shift houses at this location; no walls, running water or power. The owners are both named Steven, one speaks English and has befriended the cruisers by cooking a fish and breadfruit lunch and "selling" them fruit; we haven't joined Steven for lunch as yet.

In a few days we will make our way to the island of Fatu Hiva. We will have internet there and so I will send some photos.

Love Clare xx

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