Wednesday, 10 June 2015

7/2015 Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

Hi from Clare,                         No 7 Nuku Hiva, Marquesas               Friday 5th June 2015

I have included a photo of the swell behind the boat on our trip from Galapagos to the Marquesas. It is very difficult to actually capture the hight of a wave on the camera but the fishing line at the back of the boat gives you some idea. The other photo is to show you how dirty Eye Candy was by the time we reached the Marquesas. To me its quite amazing how slime, algae and goose neck barnacles stick to the boat when we are doing seven knots and the water is rushing past.

Don't look!

A very dirty bottom

So we have been in Huka Hiva for little over a week. This is the largest of the Marquesas Islands and we are anchored in the beautiful bay off the main township of Taiohae. As you can see by the photos the island is very mountainous and is covered with lush tropical vegetation. The weather in warm and humid and it has rained most days giving Eye Candy a welcomed wash after so many days at sea.

Taiohae Bay

The only problem is that all the boats are rolling as the bay is opened to the south east and the prevailing swell. We put a stern anchor out to hold our bow into the swell which is more comfortable for moving around the boat and sleeping; there's nothing worse than rolling from one side of the bed to the other:) The good news is that there are smaller and very well protected bays within five miles and so we can escape.

The Taiohae Township

Yesterday we left the main harbour and came a short distance to Comptroller Bay where the water is quite calm. Andrew went up the mast this morning to check lighting etc and is now stretched out in the cockpit having a well earned snooze. The weather is sunny and quite warm. The water temperature is 28 degrees but quite murky due to run off. I haven't been in for a swim as we quite often see a fin pop up near the boat. We are not sure if the fin belongs to a shark or a large stingray but its a bit off putting. We will probably stay here until Tuesday when we have to return to Taiohae to pick up a new battery which we have ordered from Tahiti.

I have included a photo of where the cruisers spend their spare time tapping away on the computer. The bananas hanging there are complimentary for the customers, singly that is, not in bunches. The basis kitchen is where the girls produce the most amazing culinary treats.

Where we all hang out - free wifi

Since arriving in the Marquesas we have completed the necessary paperwork to get a long stay visa for French Polynesia. This paperwork has now been sent off to Tahiti and we expect to receive the visa in four weeks or so. While we wait we will sail to the Tuamotu archipelago where there is crystal clear water, wonderful coral and snorkelling. As you can imagine we are really looking forward to this experience.

Well as soon as we pick up the battery and some fresh fruit and vege we will be off to the Tuamotus - Whoo Hoo!

Love Candy xx