Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Hi from Clare, Bridgetown Barbados Tuesday 17th January 2012

We arrived at Carlisle Bay, Bridgetown, Barbados after 14 days and 5 hours at sea.
This is the only anchorage on the island and so many other Altantic cruisers are here including our friends Mark and Amanda "Balvenie" and Tony "Tactical Directions".

We had drinks on "Balvenie" last night and popped the champagne cork to celebrate our successful crossing. David and Brenda from the New Zealand yacht "Bandit" joined us as well. Amanda gave us a most welcomed and thoughtful gift of local fruit and fresh bread for our breakfast.

The anchorage is windy and fairly open to the Atlantic swell but it didn't stop us from enjoying a peaceful night's sleep.

I haven't been into town yet but all of the above mentioned plus American couple Rob and Dee from "Ventana" are heading into a 20/20 cricket match late this afternoon. There are two games so we intend catching the last part of one game and then staying for the night match. I'm not a cricket enthusiast, but I'm going to people watch and sing the Reggae tune "I don't like cricket man, oh no - I love it".

We have checked in to the country and have spent some time repacking sails and washing sheets (ropes). It rained lovely clean rain last night as apparently it does most nights. Tomorrow we will shop, wash and then we are free to have a well earned holiday with Bronwyn before we all head home.

Cheers from the Atlantic Team
A. B. C

At 8:19 PM17/01/2012 (utc) our position was 13°05.57'N 059°37.06'W

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