Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Atlantic Crossing - DAY 7

Hi from Clare, Monday 9th January 2012

All is well on Eye Candy

In the last 24hours we have sailed 120M. The 1-2M swells are a long way apart; wind speed is 10-15K and boat speed is 4-7K. We have been under spinnaker since yesterday morning. Today is full sun and so the washing is flapping on the rails.

The highlight of the day is "we will reach the half way mark this afternoon".
We discussed calling into the imaginary island in the middle of the Atlantic for a celebratory dinner. Perhaps we will have to settle for a cold drink at sunset - sounds good!

Today's background information is on the 'beauty of the night'. At present the breeze is warm enough to wear shorts and T-shirts for most of the evening. Last night with the spinnaker up the gentle motion of the boat was very peaceful. The only sounds to be heard were the swish of the water against the hull and a few zzzz's coming from the aft cabins. The full moon illuminated the sky and spread a long ribbon of moonbeam across the water. I chose to listen to Andrew Lloyd Weber's Greatest Hits. To the uplifting sounds of Phantom of the Opera I watched the arrival of the new day. On our starboard bow the full moon was leaving a metal blue sky. At the stern of the boat the sky was streamers of pinks, lemons and pale blues. I kept looking from one to the other and marveling at its beauty - totally awesome!

Fortunately for those sleeping below, every now and again I would come back down to earth and trim the spinnaker.

Love Candy xx

At 5:20 PM9/01/2012 (utc) our position was 13°40.47'N 042°09.89'W

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