Thursday, 5 January 2012

Atlantic Crossing - DAY 2

Hi from Clare, Wednesday, 4th January 2012

First I must apologize for dating yesterday's email 2011 - obviously the brain is turning to mush!

All is well on Eye Candy. In the last 24 hours we have competed 139 miles, the swell is between 1-2M and the wind is 15-25K. We had a bit of fun last night dodging rain squalls and lighting but we managed to stay dry. That in short means the boat is still filthy from the endless dust at Mindelo. When it does rain we will have mud running everywhere.

The highlight of the day - Andy caught a fish; no more sad faces.
Mini disaster of the day - We actually didn't have one.

I though I would give you some background info on Bronwyn - just the good bits of course - after all we have watched her grow up. So I won't mention fun nights dancing on rubbish bins at a Jimmy Barnes concert, etc, etc.

Bronwyn started sailing at the age of 10 and came up through the Youth Academy Advanced Squad at the CYCA in Sydney.
At 16 she did her first offshore race (Sydney to Southport)
At 18 she did her first Tasman crossing, delivering a boat back to Sydney and in the same year she did the Sydney to Hobart race.
She spent the next five years studying and at every opportunity racing yachts on the east coast of Australia.

At 23 she moved to Perth for three and a half years working as a qualified Naval Architect. During this time she raced offshore and did a number of Bunbury races and also the Perth to Geraldton race.

At 27 she crewed on the winning yacht in Division 3 in the 100th Newport-Bermuda Race and thus got to met Princess Anne. (Princess Anne can consider herself honored I say)
In the same year Bronwyn also raced in the Cowes week on the Isle of White.
Looking for a change she moved to the Med working as a qualified marine engineer. She spent five years cruising the Med and looking after the engineering complexities on large luxury power yachts.

Now at the age of 32 she lives in the South of France with her fiancée Craig who is employed in the same industry as a Captain on luxury yachts. As you can imagine they don't spend a lot of time together - they are like ships passing in the night.

So Bronwyn recently resigned because she wants a more normal lifestyle. Now this is where it gets funny. Her first try at 'normal lifestyle' is crossing the Atlantic in a forty foot yacht. Most of her friends thought they had heard wrong and said "you mean a forty metre yacht?" Bronwyn said "No I mean a forty foot yacht". So then her friends asked the obvious question "WHY!" but our mate in typical Bronny fashion just grinned, shrugged her shoulders and replied "WHY NOT"

Love Candy xx

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