Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Atlantic Crossing - DAY 1

Hi from Clare Tuesday 3rd January 2011

We left Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands Monday around 2pm. It is now 2pm Tuesday and so our first day has been completed.

We went into town early yesterday to check out. This was a third trip on three separate days before we found the office open. It was 9.30am and once we were stamped out, the customs guy left the building for the day. There were a number of other very disappointed cruisers who missed out. Oh well in Mindelo there is always tomorrow - maybe!

The ATM machines were out of money for the fourth time in a week, so last minute shopping was not possible. I think it is fair to say the 'Highlight of the Day' was leaving Mindelo.

The trip is 2023 mile to Barbados. We celebrated with a beer when we reached the 2000 miles mark - a bit premature but why not. Our next celebration will be at 1500 miles to go.

The sea is rolling and confused. Last night we had 3M waves and 20-25 K wind. The swell has now dropped as forecast to 2.5M and the wind is around 18K. The sun is out and the breeze is warm, we have completed 138 miles and so we roll on.

Our roster for this trip is 3hours on and then 6 off in the day and 2 hours on and 4 off between 12 midnight and 6 am. With three of us we will have plenty of rest and time to do other things.

The 'Mini disaster of the day' is Andrew didn't catch a fish with his fishing rod. However we did get four flying fishing on the deck overnight. The score is 3 Starboard side and 1 Port.

Until tomorrow
Love Candy xx

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