Thursday, 30 October 2008

Finding Brussel sprouts

Hi from Clare, Wednesday 29/10

Photos 1 and 2 - Views of Bozburun taken from the cockpit.
Photo 3 - Andrew trying to get better reception on WiFi to send this email.

We arrived in Datca Turkey on Saturday in time for market day. Wonderful fruit and vegetables, I didn't know I could get so excited about finding brussel sprouts, pumpkin, fresh basil, spinach and rocket. Haven't seen these for months, so we are now enjoying baked vegetables with dinner and vege soup for lunch, fantastic, what a treat.

Although it was very windy, we spent a few days in Datca tucked away in a fabulous little anchorage which was flat calm. However, outside our anchorage we could see the effect of 30 knot winds, white caps on the water and yachts struggling to go to windward. The good thing about the cruising life is that we can just stay put until the blow passes, and so that's what we did.

We sailed 25 miles across the bay to Bozburun yesterday with the wind on our port quarter. Is was a terrific sail doing up to 7 knots with only the jib out. Very pleasant but a bit chilly with the wind coming across the cockpit. We spent most the time below and popped up every so often to keep a watch.

We had been in radio contact with our English friends Bridget and Peter on their yacht White Rose and arranged to meet them at Bozburun. We spent most of yesterday together catching up with each others news since we last meet in July. Bridget and Peter have just returned from London after taking advantage of fifty pound return fair to go home and catch up with family. Pity we can't dash off back to Australia for fifty pounds, how lucky they are!

We dined on their boat last night enjoying a sausage casserole. Bridget had brought the sausages back from London, another delicacy that you just can't buy in the Med. The simple things in life, are not so simple when in foreign countries. I have often wondered when at the airport what people have in their luggage. But when in Bozburun, enjoying sausages from London, I no longer wonder - it could be anything!

We will probably move tomorrow away from the township of Bozburun into clear water. The advantage of being near a town is the availability of WiFi and bread. We can phone people on Skype and send photos with our newsletter, but the true delight is being in crystal clear water, in peace and quiet, away from the maddening crowds (and in Turkey the wailing of the Mufties calling their flock to prayer 5 times a day).

love CANDY