Monday, 3 November 2008

Three nights of freedom

Hi from Clare, Monday 3/11

Photo 1 - Why would you have your boat in charter?
Photo 2 - The raging sea at Dirsek!
Photo 3 - Marty Marina fro a distance
Photo 4 - How peaceful is Kuyulu bay?

We only have three nights of freedom left before we reluctantly sail back to Marmaris to pack the boat up. Every day now is a bonus as most of the cruising yachts have already run for cover. However the weather has been fantastic, warm, sunny and we swim every day in 23 degree water. We have completed some of the annual maintenance jobs at anchor but there is still much to do at Yacht Marine.

On Saturday night we were in a small bay (Dirsek) with a flotilla of charter boats. They were having a great time water skiing from the lead boat using the main halyard, and having rowing races in the dinghies whilst throwing buckets of water over each other. They then went for dinner at the only restaurant in the bay. Early the next morning the restaurant was dismantled, signalling the end of the cruising season. A 'take away' restaurant here means just that - they take it away!

In the same bay we met a New Zealand couple Margaret and Roy and had morning coffee on their boat Barnstorm. Roy (a builder) had spent 18 months renovating his boat before they commenced cruising 3 years ago. A lovely 47 foot ex IOR boat, spotlessly clean and beautifully finished, we could see the care and attention that had gone into every renovating decision. Somewhat in awe of their boat, I suggested they they might like to slum it on our production boat for drinks at sunset. However when Roy got on our boat he was impressed with the finish, the headroom, the space and light on our Bavaria 39. This year in particular we have spoken to many owner's who are itching to buy a different boat. Fortunately we don't share their restlessness, we are very happy with Eye Candy.

Yesterday we spent a quiet day enjoying the sun in another perfect bay (Kuyulu) across from Marty Marina. We are milking the last out of the season and we feel sad that we only have a few days left.

This morning we moved across to Marty Marina so I could buy bread and hopefully have access to WiFi to send some photos. We phoned Denise and Col on Skype and had a good chat for about an hour. As soon as I send this, we will move out to another deserted bay to enjoy the peace.

Next time I write we will be hard at work in the marina. I will send you some working photos so can see that eventually all good things must come to an end.

love CANDY