Monday, 13 October 2008

Goodbye to Crete

Hi from Clare, Friday 10/9

Photo 1 - Taking it easy Photo 2 - Monastery at Panormitis Photo 3 - Peaceful anchorage

We left Spinlonga last Saturday and sailed to the township of Sitia, the last stop before saying goodbye to Crete. The township is not a tourist attraction but a great place to stock up before moving on. Main attraction, it has a Lidl supermarket, known throughout the cruising community for the sale of good quality wines from many different countries at 'clean skin' prices. So now we have wine from South Africa, Chile, Italy and California. We are also well stocked with a Dutch beer at a cost of 29 Euro cents for a 330ml can.

When we arrived at Sitia our Swedish friends (Ulf and Irma) were alongside the wharf and as space was at a premium, we moored against them for three nights. Along with their usual good company and delicious food, they introduced us to Lidl's wine and beer - what are friends for?

We are now on the Greek Island of Symi which is only sixty miles from Marmaris. We are faced with the reality of the season ending - not good news. We love the cruising life and the thought of arriving at Marmaris Turkey and packing the boat up, is something we really don't want to consider.

The weather is still good and today has been magnificent. We are at the southern end of Symi at Panormitis. It is a well protected bay which has a large monastery, an old people's home a few shops and not much else. The monastery bells chime on the hour and half hour which adds to the peaceful atmosphere. There is a lovely well lit concrete walkway around the bay which is easily accessible for some exercise. Ferries carrying tourists come twice a day and stay for about an hour. The water is clean and a pleasant 24.8 degrees.

We will stay here for a few days as strong winds are forecast. We hear on the radio each morning that the wind is gathering and the seas lumpy, but tucked in here conditions are perfect. We have been for our morning walk, Andrew is currently in the water washing the sides of the boat, the washing is flapping on the foredeck, the birds are cheeping, all is well.

love CANDY

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