Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Still at Panormitis

Hi from Clare, Wednesday 15/10

We came into the secluded bay of Panormitis a week ago with the intention of moving on as soon as the strong wind warning passed. However it is so pleasant here that once conditions improved from very good to perfect we thought - why leave.
The days are sunny, the water warm, clean and flat calm. There has been ten to twenty yachts and three ferries here daily, so there is plenty to see. However no entertainment from anchors dragging as the sea floor is good and sticky, just throw the anchor in and it sets - no fun at all!

Apart from having a good time we have also done some of the annual maintenance jobs. Yesterday we dropped the main sail onto the deck and gave it a good soapy scrub and wash with fresh water. Andrew changed the diesel filters and cleaned the heat exchanger on the fridge. Before we leave here we will polish the sides of the boat. Last night we had a thunderstorm and today it is raining. I think this is the first rain we have seen this season, so it's jobs below deck today.

We had intended going to Symi town today for internet access but we weren't quick enough and missed the one and only daily bus which departs at 8.30am. Oh well, we will call this morning a practice run and perhaps tomorrow we will actually get on the bus.

love CANDY

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