Friday, 19 September 2008

Rethimno, Crete

Hi from Clare, Friday 19/9

Photo 1 - Success at last
Photo 2 - View of Rethimno from fort
Photo 3 - Fort entrance
Photo 4 - Andrew's next boat?
Photo 5 - Peaceful shopping

We left Khania on Monday and traveled 20 miles to a small bay on the north side of Crete. Near by was the American Mediterranean Fleet Base as well as a NATO air base. As we approached the bay a dozen jet fighters came in for landing flying low over Eye Candy. It was pretty spectacular and for the next two days we watched the jet fighters practicing maneuvers until about 10pm each night. They moved very fast and I took plenty of photos of "nothing" before I managed to get a few decent shots.

Wednesday we sailed another 15 miles to the town of Rethimno which has a well protected marina. We will stay here for a few more days as it is fairly windy. The town is quite modern but also has a Venetian fort and "old town" with lovely small streets, alley ways and pedestrian traffic only. I have spent a few peaceful hours poking around the shops and going for some decent walks along the boulevard which extends for miles along the waterfront.

The weather is a very pleasant 28 degrees with cool nights. I have been reading some good books, watching DVDs and trying my hand at Cretan cooking. The trouble is that we have so much food in the fridge we will probably have to throw a party - no problems we know all the people moored around us as we met them last weekend on Khania wharf.

love CANDY