Sunday, 7 September 2008

Looks like another hike!

Hi from Clare, Sunday 7/9

Photo 1 - View of the Castle from the boat
Photos 2&3 - Views from the castle
Photo 4 - The town square
Photo 5 - The main street

Yesterday, I read most of the way to Kythira whilst cooking a roast dinner and that's how easy it is with the spinnaker up and calm seas. On arrival around 6pm I wasn't really expecting to see ABR (another bloody ruin) but there it was, a walled chora and fort, high on a hill overlooking the village. It was built by the Venetians in 1316 to protect their trade routes around the Peloponnisos. The island is quite stunning with fabulous views of the surrounding sea.

A five masted cruise ship, Club Med 2, arrived when we did and so the town is bustling with visitors, mostly French with a few Japanese photographing everything that moves - or doesn't!

We took off early this morning and climbed to the Chora. We priced a taxi but he wanted 10 Euro ($17 AUD) to travel the 2 kilometres, so we decided to do our pocket and our health a favour and walk the winding road to the top, it was easy enough.

Today is very windy and the boat is getting covered with grit which is blowing along the wharf and in through every open window. No point doing anything about it until we leave tomorrow on our way to Crete. Once out at sea, thanks to the watermaker and/or the waves, we will be able to wash the grit off us and the boat - happy days!

love CANDY