Friday, 12 September 2008

Damsel in distress

Hi from Clare, Thursday 11/9

Photo 1 - A stunning view from the castle Photo 2 - The much talked about ferry Photo 3 - Look out, here they come

Well we have had a couple of interesting days in our "deserted" bay. Each day the ferry brings visitors to the island to climb the rough track to the castle on top of the hill and/or spend time on the beach. It amazes us how they can get over 200 people daily and we wonder how they so successfully market the place!

Yesterday the ferry left a woman sun baking on the beach. At the time Andrew called my attention to the situation as the woman didn't seem at all perturbed. She stood up and repositioned her towel as the ferry departed. Two hours later, help needed, the woman is waving both arms at us (the only boat near by). I immediately imagined having her in a aft cabin overnight and looking after her until the ferry returned the following day. However we took the dinghy ashore and spoke to her, a French woman in her late forties playing cute "You are so kind, oh I'm all alone, what am I to do". Well Andrew was a lot more patient with her than I was (I hate cute), at that point as far as I was concerned, she could stay on the beach all night and not miss tomorrow's ferry!

Thankfully there was a ferry on the other side of the bay at the lagoon and yesterday that ferry came across to the castle before heading out. We called the ferry on the radio but got no response, fortunately it did come across to the castle and took our "damsel in distress" back with them.

This morning we climbed to the castle which was once a notorious pirate stronghold until the Anglo-French expedition flushed the pirates out in 1828. We had terrific views of the surrounding area and the exercise was good. The ferry arrived depositing another 200+ visitors to the island. We chatted to some and found out that it cost 60 Euro each for the one hour trip down here, lunch and a few hours on the beach, a fairly profitable trip I should think.

We are now back on the boat staying below (just joking). Two other yachts have joined us in the bay, so we have decided if there are any leftovers when the ferry departs, it would only be fair for them to look after them, he he.

love CANDY

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