Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Crete and a deserted bay?

Hi from Clare, Tuesday 9/9

Photo 1 - A lovely deserted bay Photo 2 - Day trippers and ABR. Photo 3 - What deserted bay?

We had a fast 45 mile beam reach sail from Kithera to Crete arriving around 2pm yesterday. On the way Andrew used the new AIS to call a big ship as it was on collision course with us and we had right-of-way. Motor Tanker Delta Sailor said they would look after us and altered course 12 degrees to starboard, passing half a mile astern. The AIS is a great bit of gear that lets us "see" ships and provides their name and call sign so we can call them by radio (or tell the coroner at the inquest).

Next we will move to the town of Khania, but due to forecast stronger NE head winds, we will shelter here for 2-3 days enjoying the deserted bay and the peace and quiet.

"Deserted" well that didn't last long. A large day boat has arrived with at least two hundred passengers. There is an impressive looking ABR on the hill and so the passengers are slowing trekking to the top, like a string of ants.

There is a second day boat on the opposite shore with about 75 passengers on the beach and a gullet in the centre of the bay taking 6 passengers out for a water ski.

Our reading has been replaced with binoculars and I guess a few hours of people watching. Andrew has just informed me that on the gullet, red and green cocktails are being served to the four bikini girls while they participate in being videoed - I think I'll swim over!

"Peace and quiet" well that didn't last long. There are also two fighter jets doing overhead maneuvers. They flash past regularly at a deafening speed - good bye peace and quiet - hello ear plugs!

love CANDY

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