Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ready to Launch

Hi from Clare,
Well we are sitting here on props waiting for the travel lift to arrive and put us back in the water. The large travel lift (up to 300 tonnes) has broken down and won't be available for one week. This doesn't effect us as we go on the 50 tonne lift however the ramifications of such a situation makes us realise how vulnerable we are when scrambling to join the EMYR on 6th May. Could be a total disaster!

The weather turned sour the day after we arrived and so we have been ducking between heavy showers for the last three days.
Andrew has painted the bottom of the boat with anti foul and fitted the additional chart plotter. I have been cleaning, sorting, washing and provisioning.

Late yesterday we spent about 2 hours scrubbing the deck; boat wash and bubbles everywhere. Can't do this in the water as the coast guard has helicopters circling looking for bubbles and diesel spills in the marina compound. There are very heavy fines if caught, so there is a notice on the office window, requesting that you wash your boat after 6pm once the coast guard has gone home - only in Turkey!

Today it is back to sunny weather thank goodness and so I must away and do some stainless steel cleaning. We are both well, happy and busy.

Love to all

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