Tuesday, 15 April 2008

We are going down the tube

Hi everybody, Well now it feels as if we are being drawn down a tube that leads from here to the boat in Marmaris. We are only a week away from the flight to Turkey and this means that we have only one chance to finish or do or organise what ever needs to be done before we go. On Saturday last we had dinner out with our children and their partners Carolyn, Susan, Paul, Matthew, Mim, Sarah, and Brad. This has become a tradition over the last years and it was good to have them all together to talk over their plans and ours for the next 6 months. So over the coming days we will be packing, sorting, returning stuff to storage, cleaning the flat at Col and Denise's, packing away the car etc as well as saying goodbye to friends and family. The excitement level is rising and soon we will be back aboard and setting off on the Rally.

'till next time

Andrew and Clare