Friday, 25 October 2013

No 25/13 Freezing our Butts off

Hi from Clare,                                        Thursday 24th October 2013

For the first few days back on the water we anchored in Fishing Bay, Deltaville and caught up with our friends. Deb was introduced to the tradition of Sundowners meeting American friends Burt and Prue on Exuberant, Kiwi friends David and Brenda on Bandit and Aussie friends Peter and Carol on Jack Tar. After two weeks of isolation on the hard Deb was looking forward to meeting some people. However on day five of being in the water she said to me with a startled look "we've had drinks the last four nights running". It was a bit of a baptism of fire as Sundowners lasted for three or four hours each night. I'm happy to say that we haven't turned into alcoholics and since then we have quietened down and our nights are spent watching DVDs and playing on the computers.

Friends Burt & Prue, Carol & Peter

David & Brenda
We left Fishing Bay and sailed 30 miles south to show Deb Historical Yorktown and Colonial Williamsburg. Andrew and I went to Yorktown in May but we didn't get to see Williamsburg on that trip.


Scenes from Yorktown
Yorktown is famous for the siege led by General George Washington in the 18th Century which was the final battle in the War of Independence. The Americans joined forces with the French and kicked the Brits out. Unfortunately at the time 80% of the town was destroyed but it is still a very interesting place to see.

Around Williamsburg

Williamsburg is thirteen miles away and was the Capital of Virginia at that time. It is the largest and oldest interactive history experience and is know as Colonial Williamsburg's Revolutionary City. We spent an afternoon in Williamsburg with hundreds of other tourists. We really only scratched the surface as there is much to see and do.
More around Williamsburg

The weather is fairly cool. The days are sunny and around 16 degrees, at night the temperature drops to around 8 degrees; not much fun as we don't have any heating. We will leave the US around the 4th November and travel 1300 miles south to the BVIs in search of warmer conditions. We can't leave before that as the Hurricane Season officially finishes at the end of October. We have joined the Salty Dawg Rally and will travel the 1300 miles in company with more than 100 yachts. There are a few functions and some fun to be had before and after the Rally. Before we leave there are a number of interesting talks to prepare and organize such a large group. Social functions include a Halloween Party on the 31st October, some dinner and of course the always popular cocktail parties with drinks like Dark and Stormy and Pain Killers. We went shopping yesterday and bought rubber spiders, bats, skeletons and gear to make our Halloween costumes.

Tomorrow we will sail eight miles to Portsmouth. We want to catch up with our American friend Bob Mc Bride once more before leaving the country. You may recall that when we first arrived in the States Bob lavished us with southern hospitality taking us into his home and spoiling us. Personally I am looking forward to another one of Bob's big bear hugs - what a guy; we will always remember him fondly.

Love Candy and Deb xxx

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