Friday, 11 October 2013

No 23/13 WE"RE BACK

Hi from Clare,                                                            9th September 2013

We arrived back in New York late Thursday 26th and spent three days with Andrew's son Matthew and wife Mim showing the city sights to Andrew's sister Deb who is holidaying with us for three months. It was lovely to catch up with Matt and Mim and see them so well settled in the Big Apple. Suffering from Jet Lag the pace was challenging as we walked for 5 hours on day one, six hours on day two and 7 hours on day three taking in some of the major tourist attractions; good thing New York is flat ground.

The new World Trade Centre building and Deb, Clare and Matthew

We visited Central Park, Time Square, the Rockefeller Centre, Grand Central Station, Ground Zero, Wall Street and Stock Exchange building, Staten Island, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and Fifth Ave shopping. We went into a number of shops including Tiffany's. The staff and lift operators were very courteous. Clearly we were just looking; apart from being agog both Deb and I were carrying plastic bags for handbags, not exactly kosher for such an exclusive shop but we hadn't unpacked our bag yet. The jewellery is something else but the fourth floor displaying gold edged crockery, silver service and crystal was our favourite. There was a dining table on display with the best to offer. Ever practical Andrew was wondering if we were too late for breakfast.
Memorial Pool and the Names

Wall St Bull and the Manhattan skyline

We went to Ground Zero and saw the 9/11 Memorial which consists of two pools set in the footprints of the two original Twin Towers. Thirty-foot waterfalls cascade into the pools, each then descending into a centre void. The 2983 names of the victims are inscribed in the bronze parapets around the pools. If it is at all possible to bring a sense of peace to this area, I think the waterfalls help to achieved this.
We went to Central Park twice. There is so much to see there and it is well patronised at the weekend. The roller skating area was pumping with people of all ages and colour joining in the dancing. The older chap wearing a T-shirt "79 and Still Skating" caught our attention; he was pretty good too. There were lots of picnics in the park and model boats being sailed on the ponds. The Strawberry Fields area dedicated to John Lennon had the usual gathering of guitarists strumming Beatle numbers. Matt said on the anniversary of Lennon's death the place is packed. The 2.5 acre tear-drop shaped parcel of land is overlooked by Yoko Ono's apartment where Lennon lived and was shot outside on the footpath in 1980.

Statue of Liberty with Deb and lunch out with Mim

Strawberry Fields and line dancing on skates in Central Park 

79 and still skating

Monday 30th we flew to Richmond Virginia and arrived at the boat late afternoon. Since then we have been working to get it back in the water. Deb's 'holiday' has been interrupted with scrubbing and polishing. We did manage however to take a few hours off to celebrate her birthday with dinner out.
Sanding and Polishing

We have had good weather for working, sunny and not too hot. We are nearly finished but today it is cold and raining. We have turned our attention to inside jobs and it has given me a chance to write to you.
 Clare, Deb and Andrew out for Deb's birthday

We hope to be in the water in a couple of days and then the holiday will begin in earnest.

Love Candy and Deb xxx

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