Wednesday, 16 October 2013

No 24/13 Back in the Water

Hi from Clare,                                                            15th October 2013

When I wrote last Wednesday I said that the weather had been good for working, sunny but not too hot. I also mentioned that it had started to rain and so we were doing inside jobs. Little did we know that it would rain non-stop for a solid week. As you can see by the photos the boat yard is awash. Yesterday we saw sun again and we worked diligently to complete the painting and polishing. We were put back in the water this morning and although it is cold and threatening rain we hope to get the sails fitted and the last minute provisioning done so we can get out of here and perhaps even enjoy some cruising.

Wet, wet and wetter

So staying at Chesapeake Boat Works has been a very pleasant experience. The brothers who own and run the place are knowledgeable, helpful and very laid-back. Unlike many such establishments there are few rules; people tend to just get on with the job. The local traders have also been good. We had work done while we were at home by the local sail maker and canvas makers. They kept us informed by email and when we returned all the work was completed and to a high standard. A much better result than Turkey where they took our deposit, promised the earth and delivered very little.

Since our return, the highlight for us has once again been the generosity of the American people. We have been offered the use of a car by two people. The Americans working on their boats in the boat yard have offered the use of any tools we may need and the guy next to us lent us his power washer. This saved us hours and hours of scrubbing the deck and the power washer has done an excellent job. The deck is now a dazzling white and squeaky clean.

In the slings and hard work on the mainsail

As you can see Andrew and Deb are fitting the sails. We have also done the shopping and so tomorrow we will move off the dock and anchor out in Fishing Bay. We will stay there for a few days as our friends on sailing yachts Balvenie, Bandit and Exuberant are heading this way. It will be good to catch up and hear of their sailing experiences while we have been at home. Jack Tar and Koza are also in our boat yard and will soon return from Australia to relaunch their boats.

Love Candy and Deb xxx

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