Monday, 7 June 2010

Part 3 Unforgettable Mt Etna

Mt Etna before our visit
Colin & Andrew ready for the train ride
Casualty of the 2001 eruption
Crater with ice
Colin and Clare in the blizzard
Leaving Naxos at 4 am - Etna's snow cover after our visit
PART THREE UNFORGETTABLE MT ETNA On Friday we went up Mt Etna. This is an active volcano which last erupted in 2001. It was an all day trip travelling by bus, train, chair lift and finally a 4wheel drive to take us to the crater at 3000 meters. I was madly excited as I wanted to do this trip, this was my excursion and Andrew and Colin came along for the ride. I was expecting it to be hot up there but the booking agent said to take a jacket because it will be a bit cold. What an understatement that was, it was freezing and it snowed. Our tour guide took us on a forty minute walk around the crater. Half way through the walk the thunder started, followed by swirling white mist and pelting snow. If we had known, we could have worn our wet weather gear, as it was Colin emptied his back pack and wore that to keep his back warm. At one stage through gritted teeth he said "Put your sunglasses on, it keeps your eyes warm"

One young guy, accompanied by two pretty girls, was wearing shorts. He did a great job at looking macho even posing for photos. Another young family had two small children who cried their eyes out and had to be carried up from the crater. Apart from the mini disasters I thought it was a pretty cool day (pardon the pun) but I don't think I'm allowed to plan any more excursions just yet.

MORE VOLCANOS We left Naxos Saturday morning at 4am (after rolling all night) to travel to the Island of Volcano. We motored up the straits of Messina with a 10 knot head wind and a one knot current against us. Once through the straits we turned left and had a good sail along the northern coast of Sicily to Cape Milazzo where we spent a peaceful night. The sailing was good and we were happy to spend time on the boat.

This morning we motored across to the island of Volcano in the Aeolian Islands. Along the way I did the housework and Andrew and Colin looked after the boat. They have gone ashore now for a swim at the beach and some are planning to go in the mud baths. The yachts Sundancer II, White Rose and Balvenie are here and so drinks are planned on the beach at 6pm. Colin and Andrew have just arrived back at the boat armed with two bottles of Champagne to go with the strawberries. I wonder if we will eat dinner tonight!

Love Candy

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