Monday, 7 June 2010

Part 2 Naxos and Strawberries

View of Taormina
Up-market shopping
The kilo of Strawberries
View from the top
Up-market accommodation
Naxos beach partygoers

On Wednesday we sailed north up the coast to Naxos which is a thriving tourist town. It was founded by the Greeks in 750BC and is the oldest Greek settlement in Sicily. Although it's not clear, I think they named the place Naxos after the Greek Island in the Cyclades.

When we arrived in the bay at Naxos we met up with Ian and Helen on a Sydney yacht 'Sundancer II'. They were leaving the next morning so we invited them over for a drink on Eye Candy. Colin has known Ian in the Sydney yacht racing world for many years. Ian and Helen had a visitor Kate who has also raced yachts out of Sydney and has crewed for Col on his boat 'Never a Dull Moment'. So most of the talk was about boats, racing and Sydney Harbour, it was like being at home in Oz.

Ian mentioned that a worthwhile trip was to the town of Taormina at the top of the nearby hill. So we went to Taormina the following day and we weren't disappointed. It was a really lovely up market tourist town with good quality shops and souvenirs. I made the mistake of buying a kilo tray of strawberries for 3 Euro early in the day. It was such a good deal I couldn't resist. I forgot about carrying them and climbing on and off busses with them. We kept saying "these better be bloody good strawberries" fortunately they are because we are still eating them!

FIFTEEN AND A HALF CRUISERS We had drinks that night on the beach with fifteen and a half other cruisers. A young Dutch couple, circumnavigating the world, had their eighteen month old son with them (hence the half). They have been sailing for three years and their son was born in Brisbane hospital. Their trip is coming to an end as every time they drop the anchor their little son says "Walk, walk?" So it's time to go home.

It was a BYO party for all the yachties in the bay. Peter and Bridget from White Rose brought along strawberries, I wonder why? (They must have been the others we saw carrying a bargain priced tray of strawberries around all day!)

We knew most of the people at the party. However we meet a new acquaintance, Patrick the Frenchman from America and his wife Christine. He had a great sense of humour; I just wonder if he got that from his parents?

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