Monday, 7 June 2010

Part 1 Colin in Siracusa

Siracusa Alley
Piazza in Siracusa
Ceiling in chapel
Marble floor in Church
Tuna on sale
Colin, Mark, Andrew & Amanda on Balvenie
Hi from Clare, Sicily Sunday 6th June 2010

Due to the large number of photos, I have broken this email into three parts with the headings:

Part One: Colin in Siracusa Part Two: Naxos and Strawberries Part Three: Unforgettable Mt Etna

PART ONE COLIN IN SIRACUSA Our Australian friend Colin arrived Sunday 30th May and since then it has been fairly busy. On Monday we went into Siracusa and explored the old town. There are lots of lovely winding cobblestone streets and a walkway, by the sea, skirting the perimeter. Our favourite spot however was the marble paved central Piazza surrounded by the old palace, government buildings and a magnificent catholic church. The church started out as a temple in 300BC and its original columns form part of the interior walls. The ceilings in the side chapels were painted like the cystine chapel in Rome and the marble floors throughout the church were made up of many different coloured slabs to form fabulous intricate patterns.

The piazza looked very much like the inside of the walled city in Dubrovnik and our minds could have wandered back to Croatia but for the sound of a piano according playing the theme song from the Godfather. Sicily is home of the Mafia and it still flourishes there today although thankfully it is not visible.

We went to the market again and bought tasty fresh fruit and veg, local cheese and some smoked ricotta to die for. I took a photo of the huge tuna and swordfish that I mentioned in my last newsletter so you can see them. We bought some salmon for dinner but we didn't get to eat it as we ended up on the New Zealand yacht 'Balvenie' with Mark and Amanda for drinks. After a few very enjoyable hours of chatting, drinks and nibbles, our appetites had waned.

Please go to Part Two love Candy

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