Friday, 14 August 2009

Mikonos to Patmos

Eye Candy sheltering at Mykinos Weather on the other side
Where all the others anchored
Not a bad holiday house
Meltemi-ised Greek flag
Hi from Clare, Friday 14th August THE WIND

We enjoyed a short stay on the southern end of Mykonos away from the NW (the Meltemi) wind. Each day we walked over the hill into town for exercise, provisions, lunch and to check the sea conditions on the weather side. The wind by itself is OK but when interrupted by the islands it causes confused wave patterns making for a very bumpy ride. Better to stay put and learn about patience.


We have been to Mykonos three times and seen most of the sights. It is a popular spot particularly for the young with sandy beaches, restaurants, bar and all night discos. The island has a reputation of "anything goes" and is overrun by tourists. Cruise ships arrive throughout the day spilling hundreds on to the fore shore. Unfortunately the area is grubby, dusty and run down and for this reason Mykonos is not onr of my favourite places. However along the coast there are some lovely homes with swimming pools, helipad's and established gardens. We saw many large expensive power boats and huge yachts. People were making the most of the water, swimming, wind surfing and riding jet skis. We spoke to the skipper of the expensive power boat we were anchored near. He was looking after the boat while the owner was in Athens. The owners holiday house was directly above us on the cliff. Nice work if you can get it.

FAST SAILING We had a terrific sail to Patmos on Wednesday. We left at 6.30am (passing by the disco still in full swing as dawn broke)and took nine hours to travel the sixty miles averaging 6.8 knots. The wind was on our beam and our maximum speed was 8.6 knots. We must have picked the right day, patience paid off. Yesterday we had a repair day washing the boat, the clothes, dying my hair and repairing our Aussie flag. Our Greek curtesy flag, although new six weeks ago, has flapped and frayed in the wind to half it's original size. Good thing we plan to leave Greek waters soon.


We will head out tomorrow for Leros. It is Andrew's birthday and so going sailing seems appropriate. We might even go the ship chandler (where else?) and find him a birthday present. Which reminds me of a conversation we overhead between two couples where one husband said to the other husband "What! don't you buy your wife boat parts for Christmas?" I'm pleased to say it hasn't come to that yet. love CANDY

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