Thursday, 20 August 2009

Leros and Gumbet Bay Turkey

Trimming the Spinnaker Leros Castle
Birthday Dinner
The downwind rig
Kaori, Steve, Andrew and Clare in Bodrum
Gumbet Bay, Turkey
Hi from Clare, 20th August 2009

LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL The Gods were smiling on Andrew for his birthday. We had a very pleasant spinnaker sail to Leros with Andrew sun baking on deck taking it easy. Leros is a pretty spot with a castle on the hilltop and a line of old style white windmills dotting the horizon. The village has spread up the hill and down the other side. Shopping is a bit of a walk especially when the post office has been moved since our last visit. Suffice to say (and despite getting directions from the locals)we climbed up and down the hill three times before we found the new establishment. We had dinner out for the birthday boy. We choose a restaurant with tables set up on the water's edge. The scenery was spectacular, high mountains all around, flat calm water and a glorious pink sunset. The food was traditional Greek cooking and we finished the evening on a English boat having a nightcap with our recently meet neighbours. GOOD FRIENDS, FINE FOOD On Tuesday the 17th we came across to Turkey. The objective was to get away from the wind and find warmer water for swimming. We have achieved this, there is absolutely no wind this morning and the water is flat calm and 27 degrees. I can't wait to relax and enjoy. We have meet up with our Turkish friend Steve and Kaori, they spent Tuesday afternoon on Eye Candy with us. Yesterday Steve helped us check into Turkey (so much easier with an interpreter) and then sailed with us to Bodrum. Last night we had drinks at Steve and Kaori's house and then out to dinner for a wonderful Turkish meal. THE COMING WEEK This morning we are off to do some shopping and then Steve will join us for a week's cruising along the Turkish coast to Marmaris. Kaori has opted to stay at home, have some time to herself and practice the piano. We are looking forward to sailing the boat with Steve, we will have some fun together.

love CANDY

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