Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bodrum to Marmaris

Captain Andrew Calm and Warm More Motoring
Getting the Shore Lines out
Swimming in 200m at 2 knots
Steve ever hopeful
Checking where we've been
Steve retrieving the shore lines
Trim Consultant
Hi from Clare, Saturday 29th August THE WEEK THAT WAS Well we had a great week with our Turkish friend Steve sailing from Bodrum to Marmaris. With a 15-20 knot wind behind us, we enjoyed gentle sailing to seventies music via Steve's IPod, sunny days, 29 degree water temperature, warm calm nights, a few DVD's, lively conversation and some extended happy hours. (I have made mention of the 29 degree water because our Aussie friend Patrick mentioned the water temperature in NSW in currently 14 degrees and asked us to stop saying in our emails that the water temperature here is 28 degrees - so how's 29, sorry Patrick). THE PRICE OF FISH So back to our week, we were in no hurry to reach our destination and so we explored many anchorages stopping for lunch and a swim in one bay and then somewhere different for the evening. Steve who knows all the towns we stopped at gained a new perspective approaching the same by sea, he mentioned how amazingly different things look. Steve was very good a negotiating a low price for tasty fresh fish for dinner. Andrew and I fail miserably at haggling on price. We can't identify the type of fish and its value and we can't speak Turkish. There is only so much one can achieve with sign language and even then you run the risk of offending if you don't get the sign language right. We don't know if haggling on price is appropriate when dealing with the local fishermen. They spend most of the night at sea and come into the anchorage exhausted, it somehow doesn't seem right. After a week with Steve I now know to haggle, our fish for dinner started at 30 Liras a kilo and ended up 15 Liras a kilo cleaned. LIFE BACK TO NORMAL We arrived in Marmaris yesterday and Steve caught the local bus back to Bodrum this afternoon. After a week away from his wife he was looking forward to some pampering, air conditioning and his large LCD screen. Andrew and I are quite happy to be alone again and that reminds me of a comment made on the Cruising Net recently. A couple reported that they had delivered the grand children to Lufthansa and intended to live happily ever after. The Net controller's reply was "I'm glad to hear the grand children had such a good holiday..."

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