Thursday, 12 June 2008

Two Days in Jerselum

Hi from Clare, Thursday 12/6/08

Photo 1 - Jerusalem City
Photo 2 - Ron, Andrew & Pat 1st day
Photo 3 - Pat in back street Old City
Photo 4 - Part of the local flavor
Photo 5 - A photo mistake on the bus.

We had two exciting days navigation around Jerusalem. On day one (10th) we went to the Western Wall (along with hundreds of other tourists) and placed our slips of paper containing a prayer in the crack of the wall. We were told the previous day by our tour guide that the pieces of paper are collected and buried (not burnt) as they are considered "holy" and a link between man and God. Regardless of one's faith, the aura of religious fever makes a visit to the Western Wall a moving experience.

We then walked the Via Dolorosa following the Stations of the Cross. However this is not a religious experience as the Via Dolorosa today is a busy market street. The shops are packed full of souvenirs and clothing; shop after shop of all the same things. The shop keepers say "business is not so good" and that's not surprising. I haggled for a dress which had a starting price of $145 and ended up paying $20. I couldn't help but think, so what is a fair price?

Day two (11th) we spent two hours on the City Tour Bus (open air double decker). With head phones attached we covered the 85 sites at a very rapid pace. The roads are bumpy, the corners unexpected and (as the driver bopped to his own music) we lurched from side to side trying to take some memorable shots of the sealing, the floor, the seats, the skyline and every now and then a building - hurray! There is much to see and learn in Jerusalem and I think we could spend a month here without seeing the same site twice.

After lunch Andrew and Ron went back to the boat which left Pat and I to browse. We spent a few hours in the market but eventually we got tired of hearing "Hello lady, where do you come from, come into my shop - just to look - please"

Today we are busy packing and getting ready to leave the boat at Ashkelon marina Israel and fly this evening to Cairo Egypt.
Pat and Ron say they have greatly enjoyed the yachting experience and the time we have shared catching up. We are all looking forward to the next part of our travel as we journey forward to Egypt for two weeks.

love CANDY