Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sharm el-Sheikh

Hi from Clare, Wednesday 25/6

Photo 1 - Mop those tiles Photo 2 - Nothing but fun Photo 3 - Is that tea ? Photo 4 - Cooling off Photo 5 - Beautiful gardens

We arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh last night and welcomed the cooler temperatures. It is 38 degrees today (Wednesday) compared to 45 degrees in Luxor on Monday.

We are staying at a wonderful 5 star resort where no expense has been spared. For example, the roads are paved with highly polished tiles and the resort is so large that golf buggies are the common mode of transport.

The President of Libya is staying here so there are many impeccably dressed dignitaries arriving in stretch limousines. An entourage of woman, dripping with gold, look particularly stunning with their dark skin, brightly coloured long dresses and matching head attire.

Andrew and Patrick have gone scuba diving today in the Red Sea. Unfortunately I left my dive certificate on Eye Candy so I just have to be content here in this heavenly resort. We are situated on the Red Sea and so we will do some snorkeling later today.

Andrew and I will fly out to Cairo tomorrow night and then to Israel and hopefully find Eye Candy in one piece and patiently waiting for our return.

Pat, Ron, Leanne and Patrick fly out Friday night for Australia. Poor suckers have to spend another day here. You will see by the pictures life is really tough!

love CANDY