Monday, 30 June 2008

Last days at Sham el Sheikh

Hi from Clare, Sunday 29th

Photo 1 - All is well

We had dinner in a Thai restaurant at the resort on Wednesday night. Thurday morning Patrick and Leanne went out on the dive boat and Pat, Ron, Andrew and I went snorkeling off the resort. The tropical fish were plentiful and we enjoyed just lying on the surface of the 28 degree water watching a spectacular array of form and colour; it certainly is a peaceful pastime.

All too soon it was time for Andrew and me to pack up and leave the resort and make our way back to the boat. The six of us had our last dinner together Thursday night at an excellent smorgasbord restaurant. Andrew and I left a day earlier than the others so we could connect with our flight to Tel Aviv. It was sad to say good bye as the six of us had a fantastic holiday together. Over the past 7 weeks Pat, Ron, Andrew and I have toured Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. Leanne and Patrick joined us for the last two weeks in Egypt. What a fantastic experience and we have seen so much that at present it is just a blur.

We arrived back at the boat Friday morning happy to find her safe and sound, just bobbing about waiting for our return. The marina is almost deserted and certainly looks a lot different than when the 80 rally boats were here. We have been talking to the Canadian couple parked next to us. They have just come up the Red Sea and had a fuel problem. The Egyptian navy towed them to Sharm el Sheikh and then presented them with a bill for 15,000 USD. After some negotiation the bill was reduced to 7,000 USD. I think they are still suffering from shock!

For the past 24 hours I have been lying low with a stomach upset. Don't know how this happened, as we have been so careful.
Andrew has been wrestling with the computer as it decided to crash. He has been busy reinstalling all the software. Fortunately we haven't lost anything of importance.

We were intending to leave for Southern Cyprus late today but we have postponed this adventure till tomorrow. The trip will take us 42 hours and so with two nights at sea I think a good night's sleep tonight is in order.

love CANDY