Friday, 3 June 2016

1-2016 Return to Our Cruising Life

Hi from Clare,                                                 Wednesday 3rd June 2016

We are now back on the boat in Taiohae Bay Huku Hiva and very pleased to be here after ten months in Australia.

Just a quick update on the Breast Cancer scenario. I underwent surgery, 15 weeks of Chemo, 5 weeks of Radiation and will be on Hormone Therapy for the next 5-10 years.
I consider myself fortunate as I had very few side effects from the treatment. I also had terrific support from Andrew, family and friends. A special thank you to Denise and Colin Wilson who made us very welcome in their home throughout the time. It was also very heartening to receive many emails and well wishes from our cruising friends, so thanks guys, all the hugs were well received.

The Cruise ship is in
So here we are in Nuku Hiva almost twelve months to the day of arriving here last year. We never imagined leaving the boat at anchor for such a long period. However it was well looked after by Kevin from Nuku Hiva Yacht Services. He reported back to us weekly completing a check list that he and Andrew devised before we left. Fortunately Taiohae Bay is considered one of the safest bays in French Polynesia throughout the Cyclone Season. We left a Satellite Tracker on board and so Andrew could see that Eye Candy was just happily bobbing around here. The boat is in good condition, the anti foul has survived quite well. Upon arrival our water line was heavily coated with barnacles which Andrew has been scraping off every day. Our two year old anchor chain hasn't survived so well. The ten metre section between 40-50 metres has been rubbing on the sea floor and is badly pitted and corroded. We will have to replace this when we get to Tahiti in about three months. Today there is a large cruise ship here and so the drums are beating and the local people are welcoming the visitors ashore. It is a beautiful sunny day and quite a festive sight.

The music makers
Andrew received a very rousing welcome back on our daily Radio Net. He has been missed but hasn't as yet resumed his position as a Net Controller. However I'm sure it won't be long before he is back on the air. We are slowly getting into cruising mode
We arrived here a week ago on Wednesday, the following night we had drinks with Jeanette and Neil on “Echo Echo”. Although we hadn't met them we felt we knew them as we have been following their Blog covering their journey from Panama to the Marquesas.
Andrew had also sent them a couple of emails from Kiama.

Early Tuesday morning we welcomed into the bay our Aussie friend Tony and crew member Garry on “Tactical Directions” . They had completed their 4000 mile trip from Panama to Marquesas. We joined them for a celebratory beer at about 6.30am (can you believe it?) followed by a cooked breakfast ashore. We spent the morning familiarising Tony and Garry with the town and helping them with some much needed shopping. That night I supplied dinner and Tony supplied drinks on “Tactical Directions”. We had a fun night but I must say we were a little worse for wear the following morning. Last night we had drinks with some of our new Radio Net friends. Brian and Yoko hosted the evening on “Pia” and Oliver and Vivian on “Maryanne” joined us also. It is always great to make new friends especially as a lot of our long standing friends are sailing on to either Australia or New Zealand this season. Tonight we are having a BBQ with Tony and Garry on “Tactical Directions”. Tony is supplying the meat and I am supplying nibbles, a salad and garlic bread. We are already giving ourselves a lecture to stay away from the rum – let's hope we are listening to such sage advice.

We still have a few jobs to do but at the same time looking for a weather window to sail the 500 miles to the Tuamotu where we will have clean water, good swimming and snorkeling – we can't wait.

Love Candy xx